Driving Instructors New Registration
Before a Driving Instructor is allowed to provide instruction or theoretical tuition to students he/she must be registered on MalTIS.

Reminder Icon Remember that you have to be enroled on MalTIS before registering as a driving Instructor. For instructions on how to enrol please click here: Natural Persons or Body of Persons
  • Have continuously held a valid Malawi Driving Licence in respect of the class or classes to which the applied for Instructor’s Licence relates for a period of 3 years. Refer to the Infrastructure Registration form;
  • Have completed an approved driving instructor training program and passed the examination.
  • Be between the age of 18 and 65 years of age.
  • A Driving Instructor may NOT be employed at more than 1 Driving School.
  • Traffic Register Card of the Entity.
  • Supporting Documentation:
    • Medical Certificate of Fitness.
    • Certificate of highest level of education.
    • Driving Instructor Training Program Certificate.
    • Driving Licence Examination Training Program Certificate.
    • Police Report.
  • A Driving Instructor may NOT be employed at more than one (1) Driving School.
  • Completed Infrastructure Registration form.
  1. To avoid filling in forms in the queue, download and print the Infrastructure Registration form now and complete it before you arrive at the DRTSS office.
  2. Visit your nearest DRTSS office.
  3. Go to the Driving Examiner’s Office.
  4. Submit the registration form and the supporting documentation.
  5. Submit the registration form, the proof of identification and the supporting documents listed above in the checklist.
  6. A deposit slip will be printed which will indicate the amount to be paid at the bank. No money is to be paid at the DRTSS office.
    • Please verify that the deposit slip is correct and reflects your details as well as an accurate description of the transaction you wish to complete before making the required payment.
  7. Once payment is made, you may return to the DRTSS office with the stamped deposit slip.
  8. Go to the Document Issuing office to collect your Driving Instructor card.
  9. A user name will be issued to you to allow you to capture lessons.
  10. Your registration, unless cancelled or suspended, will be valid for 12 months. Please renew your registration before the expiry date at a reduced fee.