Minors (Person below 16 years)
Before any transaction can be initiated on MalTIS a person or organisation/company must be enroled. To register a minor (younger than 16 years) follow the instructions below. If you are over the age of 16 or want to register an organisation/company please follow one of these links: Natural Persons / Body of Persons.

  • Proof of identification:
    • ID Booklet – Malawian or Foreign
    • Birth Certificaten
    • Malawian- or Foreign Passport
    • Vehicle registration certificate (blue book) where you are the Title Holder and/or Owner of the vehicle
    • Certificate of Fitness disc where you are the Title Holder / Owner of the vehicle
    • Letter from traditional authority
    • Letter from educational body (Principal)
    • Letter from church
    • Letter from the Director
  • Completed Application for Entity Enrolment form
  • A proxy is required for the enrolment of a Minor. A proxy is a representative that can submit applications on behalf of the Minor. Your proxy must also be registered on MalTIS: Natural Persons
  1. To avoid filling in forms in the queue, download the Application for Entity Enrolment form now and complete it before you arrive at the DRTSS office.
  2. Visit your nearest DRTSS office.
  3. Submit your application at the Person Applications counter.
  4. The personal particulars of the Minor will be recorded and supporting documents scanned.
  5. The Proxy/Proxies of the Minor must be enroled and be present during the application process for verification purposes.
  6. A deposit slip will be printed which will indicate the amount to be paid at the bank. No money is to be paid at the DRTSS office.
    • Please verify that the deposit slip is correct and reflects your details as well as an accurate description of the transaction you wish to complete before making the required payment at NBS Bank.
  7. Once payment is made, you may return to the DRTSS office with the stamped deposit slip and collect your Traffic Register Certificate at the Document Issuing Office.
  8. Keep the Traffic Register Certificate in a safe place and present it when submitting applications at any DRTSS office.